Richard Riakporhe

The Midnight Train Rolling into Glory

From Humble Beginnings to Boxing Brilliance

Richard’s story is one of resilience and triumph. Born in London to Nigerian parents, he faced challenges early on. A near-fatal stabbing at 15 only fueled his determination. Boxing became his refuge, the gym his sanctuary.
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Turning Pro Rising to the Top

In 2016, “The Midnight Train” steamed into the professional scene. His aggressive style and devastating punch quickly sent shockwaves through the cruiserweight division. Undefeated in 17 fights, with 13 brutal knockouts, he stormed to the British cruiserweight title in 2019.

Beyond the Pro

Richard Riakporhe extends his “knockout” power beyond the ring through the Richard Riakporhe Foundation. He empowers youth with life skills, tackles knife crime, and creates a ripple effect of hope by encouraging them to become agents of positive change.
This social responsibility solidifies his legacy as a champion in both the ring and the community.

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